Trans rights: the new misogyny

DV Sector and Women’s Services: who amongst them will SPEAK UP and FOR WOMEN?!?

This is a rambling and damning report on both the general lack of regard for victim’s agency/advocacy in DV sector as well as the more recent phenomenon of the Women’s Services sector unanimously throwing women and children under the bus to ‘get more likes! from trans (or to please their tranny bosses. Or simply because they hate us and/or are no fans of reality either… or all of the above, who knows?)

“The DV industry…” 

Whilst there is a growing workforce of professionals and organisations intended to provide services around the growing industry that is the ‘domestic violence sector’ there is arguably very little to show for the huge amounts of spending and ‘expert reviewing’ that has been done in the name of rights & safety for women and children and no obvious improvement in justice outcomes for victims of abuse.

As a survivor I have personally experienced the frustration and despair caused by the many (however well intentioned - and some were decidedly not!) interactions a woman will have with a multitude of so called ‘specialist services’ that do little to help her and may even do considerable harm but ensure a steady income stream for (sometimes double-dipping) grifters to gaslight for profit and fun.

*Looking at you: Natalie Posada @ ‘Bondi Cottage DV support services’… may the victims that you ‘support’ by victimising further find advoc8survivors or another helpful resource/service that can counteract all your ‘help’ and not die or give up because you and your kind wore them down when they were already traumatised.

Whilst endless committees have endless (and very costly) discussions and recommend many improvements to the interventions and services provided by the growing number of providers and ‘experts’ in the ‘DV sector’ women experiencing DV or its aftermath and their children are not noticeably better off.

In fact, women and their children victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and coercive/controlling abuse (ie: male violence)are increasingly seeing their rights, safety and spaces removed, diminished or even criminalised by the much more assertive and self-interested advances made by trans lobbyists who have succeeded in making it illegal to exclude biological males from female exclusive spaces - including those intended as safe spaces for victims of abuse & trauma related to male violence (otherwise known as: women & children) - and bio-males with a history of violence against women & children are DEMANDING the right to serve their time in women’s prisons!

A big part of the reason for this can be put down to:

1) The inherent misogyny that our social systems and public services were only beginning to address effectively.

2) The interruption and deterioration of this move AWAY from misogyny in favour of sanctifying ‘trans rights’ to such a ridiculous degree that both womens and children (including trans kids & teens)  are rapidly being eroded, redacted or outright revoked by career politicians who fear nothing more than their own obsolescence by ‘cancel-culture’ (deployed so brutally & effectively by trans movement as a method of silencing & victimising women & children whilst claiming to be the biggest victims of everything that has ever happened ever and silencing any debate or even discussion by screaming blue murder AND crying AND threatening violence/lawsuits/banishment for anyone who speaks up against their outrageous assertions and bullish demands… 

Pretty much the same bullshit tactics misogynists have done to silence and control women and our children for centuries but with the added boost of ‘social media’ and using the inclusiveness women long showed in supporting trans and trans rights against us - to the detriment of actual women as well as vulnerable & non-rapey trans but which only CIS women seem to care about…? The trans community must surely have some in its number that share CIS women’s concerns about erosion of women’s & children’s rights & safety… 

I personally know trans fems who are sane and not completely self-interested (and who don’t sexually assault women)  but none seem willing to speak out or speak up for fear of reprisals and it’s very disappointing and surprising how deafening their silence in the face of  such obviously INSANE levels of support (and success) these misogynistic-trans are getting for their exploitative and detrimental (to women and children AND vulnerable trans) demands and the levels of aggression and outright woman-bashing being deployed to force those demands on us is loudly and constantly happening NOW and IN PLAIN SIGHT!

And it’s being done by and celebrated by the most (unfortunately) visible and vocal ‘trans activists’ these days (a pushy mixed bag of;  mostly narcissistic ‘social media influencers’ who ‘id as female’ but whose IDEA of ‘female’ is: sky-high heels, slutty outfits, & fake nails so long that were they an actual female: inserting a tampon would kill them.. these attention-whores used to be harmless enough UNTIL THEY GOT THE ‘RIGHT’ TO ‘BE A ‘WOMAN’ and then promptly began asserting what OUR rights should be (trans women’s rights > cis women’s rights) and… WOMEN’S SERVICES & POLICY MAKERS bought their bs wholesale and pushed through all and every amendment to law needed to make their ‘need to feel validated as women’ MORE IMPORTANT THAN ACTUAL WOMEN… 

and CIS women and children are collateral damage because protecting women’s & children’s right to be safe from male violence is FAR LESS IMPORTANT than making sure the trans are protected ever getting their feelings hurt by someone accidentally or intentionally subscribing to reality instead of the tran’s delusion… a smattering of blokes who are pretty good at sport or games but not enough to beat other men,  and last but not least… a small (?) element made up of actual perverts and/or sex offenders/literal lady killers who are less noisy/visible on social media but are getting things done where it counts by successful lobbying to parliament and by getting themselves roles in the community sector that then qualify them to SPEAK FOR WOMEN and to be CONSULTED about women’s rights and issues that effect women and thus validated as true reps for women: they have quietly and ruthlessly taken control of our spaces and our voices and our right as women to define what we are (or to even BE defined - except by trans who increasingly insist that  ‘women don’t exist’ because ‘gender doesn’t exist’ and even then no one in power calls them out by pointing out “well if gender doesn’t exist then wtf bother fixating on female and pretending to be one?  And for that matter: if ‘gender doesn’t exist’ than why are CIS women almost NEVER the perpetrators of violent assaults/sex assault/murder but almost ALWAYS the victim?!?” 

Nope. Instead: the community service sector has bent over and spread their cheeks to enforce the modern swastika (trans favicon’) being added to spaces previously reserved for women or gay men  & even LESBIANS spaces ffs and we now are in the ridiculous situation where trannies not only ROUTINELY are the staff & management of women’s shelters and rape crisis centres (no matter how unconvincingly they id/ how much they enjoy the attention a full beard + full makeup & heels affords) but BIO WOMEN WORKERS OR CLIENTS WHO OBJECT are rebuked for being ‘discriminatory’ and THEY are the ones who are refused access to WOMEN’S SERVICES (or worse).

Let’s all take a break from sucking each other off guys and accept a very logical truth: ‘TRAUMA INFORMED’ WOMEN’S SERVICES are NECESSARILY places that NEED TO EXCLUDE MEN and POSITIVELY DISCRIMINATE FOR WOMEN 

(women’  being easily defined as, for example: adults who were observed as being female at birth and have not grown a penis since OR adults who were observed as intersex at birth but id as female and live/look/think female so are considered female by others OR even simpler: women are grown human females and as such have a vagina (or had a vagina at birth).

It might ruffle some feathers on some boas but the community sector really needs to show some leadership and a tiny bit of courage NOW so that trans get the support and the rights they need without canceling women’s rights and discarding our needs in the process. It’s not that hard. And frankly: if you have an obvious trannie in a consulting/management role in a WOMEN’S SERVICE than you are doing it wrong. Try listening to women victims and our needs instead of whatever the heck you’re doing now. 

Remember people: IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO. Even to trans.

3) The lack of LIVED EXPERIENCE or meaningful consultation with survivors amongst the policy-makers and sector professionals.

4) The by-products & waste-products of bureaucracy particularly as it applies to social problems that the government has literally ‘passed the buck’ to NGO’s as well as profiteers to deal with. And deal they do. Much time and tax and donor dollars is spent and made codifying ‘best practice guidelines’ and there’s money to be made by those who know how to milk the ‘accreditation’ cash cow for all it’s worth: by making the ticking of boxes on a google docs form that vaguely references said  ‘best practice guidelines’ or such and such ‘framework’ and making it a requirement that anyone wanting  to either have a say in or to make a buck out of DV services (for example but mental health, housing, children’s services… the whole sector is affected) to first: buy the line, then read the line, reiterate the line and in order to maintain credibility/eligibility to be an ‘expert’ or an ‘approved provider’ they must toe-the-line and continually pay to keep their license valid (which also involves regular ‘seminars’ and ‘workshops’ by the same or similar profiteers to ‘remain up to date’)… a lot of expensive and time- consuming faffing about for an industry by its self in order to sustain the industry and it works well to generate reliable and abundant income-streams for the careerists and profiteers and professional ‘consultants’ (no kidding…whilst the potential for profit is less than many other industries… the potential for absolute grifters and charlatans to make considerable dime whilst doing fuck all but lunch is arguably biggest in DV sector than any other sector besides children’s services).

Especially when compared to 

a) the effectiveness of all their busy-ness in addressing the incidence of DV or the needs of victims, and 

b) how very starkly the high income for not much work enjoyed by executives and profiteers of DV services contrasts with the low and long stagnant pay rates for the front-line DV workers who work incredibly hard for longer hours than they did before ticking boxes off became so important (read: profitable) for their overlords & the ‘governing bodies’ they created to: maintain a controlling interest in the DV sector so as to grow the sector and generate sources of income and make sure to never run the sector sufficiently well that it actually improves things for victims or reduces rates of DV offending and DV re-offending because doing that would not GROW THE DV SECTOR or increase their income and status (both of which grow exponentially over time so long as DV gets worse/stays the same and their role is increasingly seen as relevant (and their ‘expertise’ as more and more valuable) and their various enterprises within their growing ‘industry’ (domestic violence) are regarded as ‘indispensable’ services regardless of how badly they perform (as a women’s service or to support victims or to improve their outcomes) because all the policy makers/‘major stakeholders’ (which actual victims are not actually considered to be) and professional experts will all validate their own and each other’s existence as well as all the bureaucratic paper shuffling and all the endless rituals of ‘best practice’ conceptualising and codifying (but not actually doing or enforcing) and everything is systemically organised just so because the real objective of ‘DV experts’ (who are not victims but who have roles in the DV sector) is to MAKE SURE THE DV SECTOR THRIVES. It’s their industry. And thriving women and children are encouraged but not to the extent that the perceived ‘need’ for such a large DV Sector of which they are considered ‘experts’ in is ever at risk of being made redundant or even slightly less important.

A lot of money changes hands for ‘accreditation’ that necessitates in-house or online seminars and the need for NGO’s to compete for gov funding or grants on offer means that accounting (including creative accounting and consolidating vested interests etc)  & ticking off boxes of a codified but meaningless list unavoidably assumes more importance and takes up more time and focus than it reasonably should.

And how many ‘Not for Profits’ that do fuck all or less for DV victims and indeed: make no profit /have no share-holders but serve very well a few or less VERY WELL SALARIED ‘directors’ and ‘consultants’ who can keep on comfortably doing fuck all but lunch and head ‘committees’ and so long as they tell the gov how ‘vital’ the work they’re doing is and so long as their peers in the industry agree with them, and the governing bodies or sector associations they helped start or fund or whatever keeps endorsing them they can keep right on keeping on (and blocking others from taking their place) and drawing massive salaries and generating other sources of income they don’t deserve without ever needing to resort to OBVIOUS corruption like winning a grants bid and purchasing a car with/gambling away the granted funds…

Look no doubt there are mostly well-meaning people at the helm of the DV sector. No doubt. But it’s still fair criticism to point out the most obvious GLARINGLY WRONG things about it and them, especially if there are obvious solutions that could be implemented NOW.

Where are the experts with actual lived experience of dv and sexual assault and how many victims are actually consulted with ?

 I never was unless you count the ‘depersonalised data collection for statistical and research purposes’ which I personally don’t and neither should you. Not only is it not ‘consultation’  it’s no longer even useful for statistics. How fucking useful to research can the data and stats collected in a  ‘self id as a woman’ world anyway?

When men can self-id as women and sex-offenders and men who have killed women are permitted to ‘identify as women’ and insist on having their misogynistic crimes and history of violence documented as having been committed by ‘she’  with such and such bullshit name… how or why collect anybody’s information for any purpose? Apparently there’s been a «”sharp increase in the number of female perpetrators of sex abuse of children and other assault” ummm NO you fuckwads! What’s happened is: you let MEN self-id as ‘women’ and made their right to do that more important than women’s and children’s rights & safety (endangering actual vulnerable actual trans aka diminutive ‘lady boys’ in the process) and you AS USUAL: considered the ‘right to human dignity’ a male privilege as evidenced by the fact that the male perps of violence to women and children are better represented and have more rights than their victims.

I despair of the growing number of professionals providing ‘consultation services’  (pffft ‘consulting’ is what sex-workers put on their tax returns and to inquisitive aunts at Christmas gatherings. It’s not a real JOB and not even a role in and of itself unless you are an EXPERT so… obv no or very few VICTIMS are being consulted with or act as consultants but seemingly trannies and perpetrators are being given consulting roles and the chance to ‘represent’ and speak on behalf of their usual victims: women, everywhere you look and to speak to various bodies on issues they know very little about (except as perpetrators) otherwise… before the fascist-trans take-over of women’s rights and victim’s rights the field was dominated by perhaps very well-meaning people whose knowledge was based entirely on what other ‘expert consultants’ have told them (at length) at previous seminars and workshops where almost  all (if not all)  the speakers/contributors/experts were well-paid, had no lived experience of their field of ‘expertise’ and perhaps no or next-to-no contact with victims or ‘clients’ themselves and did a lot of ‘consulting’ with other ‘consultants’ (for which they were paid) or to others ((for which they got paid even more) and possibly even FOR (other consultants) for which they presumably tore a hole through time and retracted into their own well remunerated arseholes .., either way: very much was said and little done to actually reduce the incidence of male violence or to improve actual outcomes for their female and children victims but at least victim’s rights weren’t being actively and systematically attacked and destroyed. 

How I miss those days, in light of the new and terrifying violence and oppression of ‘the new misogynists’ - ‘trans activists’.

Women and children need the so-called experts to show ‘expertise’ and not let male misogynists use our own value of ‘inclusivity’ to fuck us over again. Comon! Experts know that  ‘gender-confused’ & cross-dressing men are actually MORE likely to commit misogynistic violence on women and also mote likely to sexually abuse children.

So let’s all CANCEL this culture of :going along with whatever militant trans say they want - even if it’s obviously dangerous to women & children and even when the ‘trans activists’ demanding it are obvious known sex offenders, women killers and purveyors of child abuse material. JUST STOP IT ffs. It’s okay to say no to trans!

‘Inclusivity’ is a social value it can never be used in and of itself as a legal absolute. Men can self-id as fucking butterflies for all I care so long as that self-id is given the gravity and validity it warrants (ie: fine to do and generally accepted on twitter and in bars and amongst friends but not a valid way to LEGALLY be ‘recognised as a woman’ ffs).

Women and their children need a dv sector that focuses on helping THEM. That actually helps them (in preference of the perpetrators) to get the best supports to housing, financial aid incl debt relief, counselling, medical,  and justice for them and their children and provides female only and child friendly (ie: no danger of rooming with ‘ trans women’ who have a dick and a history of sex crimes against women and/or children) and has an explicit focus on addressing the needs of the real victims of dv (who are CIS female and their children with VERY RARE exceptions) and upholds women’s and children’s right to be free from male violence as MORE IMPORTANT THAN the right of male offenders to say they are ‘girls’.


  1. “I was a staunch trans ally but then I realised how much they ducking HATE us” said a female colleague recently. Whilst I tend to remain supportive of trans women being accepted as women I too see the need for women to take charge of our fundamental rights and fight oppression and misogyny wherever we find it - even when it comes from our trans sisters or the (bio male) activists speaking for them (and for women generally!) now is the time to be clear and united. NOT the time to wonder if ‘a woman’ can even be defined lol. Women, actual women, KNOW what we are! Btw have you checked out this site


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