Gender equality: national strategy

​LADIES! Don’t forget to submit your feedback at: shared our most pressing concerns today as follows:

  1. Gender Ideology < Women’s sex-based Rights. Women’s rights (and our dignity and ACTUAL physical safety) have been sacrificed at the alter of trans ‘need’ to ‘feel validated’ and our best intentions of inclusivity have been weaponised against us to the point that it is now ‘controversial’ to utter the following statement: “A woman is an adult human female.” Women have a right to claim safe spaces that separate FEMALE victims of MALE VIOLENCE from MALES (including and perhaps ESPECIALLY: males who cross-dress or ‘self-ID as women’ by impersonating inflatable sex-dolls). Women’s prisons, DV shelters, rape crisis centres as well as the language we are ‘permitted’ to use to describe OURSELVES and our experiences are to remain OURS to author, guide and provide stewardship of.
  2. Data integrity/why have ‘records’ at all? Can data & statistics be of any value in a world where MALE RAPISTS who self-ID as ‘women’ are sent to WOMEN’S prison AND reported in media AS WOMEN using their chosen name? Where they can retrospectively ALTER THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATE ? What is DATA now? Why sanction the deliberate falsification of records? And who pays the social cost?? Answer: WOMEN.
  3. Homelessness: priority to access affordable housing needs to be given to single OLDER WOMEN (‘CIS’ women) experiencing homelessness (after women with children, obviously) currently trans-women are prioritised before them.
  4. The burden of labour-intensive unpaid work continues to be done largely by women (many of whom face homelessness after a lifetime of unpaid work). The hardships that can result from this inequality needs to be off-set by a broader recognition of this phenomenon and changes to superannuation, banking, government payments in the form of affirmative actions that slightly favour women and systemically provide a cost-efficient safety-net of financial security for older women whose working life has been partly/largely/entirely unpaid labour.
  5. Women are adult human females. Trans-women are males who ID as females and live as such without ANY law or (much) adverse public opinion to hinder them in doing so. ‘Trans rights’ are not an endangered class of rights nor are they any less than any others’ rights and long has this been the case in Australia. But women’s rights are very much at threat and unfortunately the people who are BEST SERVED by the (extremely powerful MALE DOMINATED) gender ideology movement are NOT vulnerable trans women, youths and ‘trans children’ but instead: pathological misogynists (incl. rapists, pedophiles etc), common-or-garden perverts, and of course: medical profiteers and media/marketing moguls. And who pays the COST of all the benefits these guys get? Why: WOMEN AND CHILDREN of course. Who else but women and children (incl trans women and gender-non-conforming children) would foot the bill for letting pushy, aggressive MEN decide what a woman is?


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